Tester given suspended prison sentence for issuing fake MOT certificates

Muhammad Irfan is also banned from carrying out MOT tests for five years

Tester given suspended prison sentence for issuing fake MOT certificates
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An MOT tester has been banned from carrying out tests for five years and given a suspended prison sentence after being caught issuing fake certificates.

Muhammad Irfan, 38, from Newport in South Wales, was caught by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) after issuing the certificates in November and December 2022.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “He had issued pass certificates to vehicles he had seen but not carried out a full examination of them. This meant that he had missed vital parts of the examination.

“The judge said that allowing vehicles (mainly taxis) an MOT when they had not been appropriately tested, posed an enormous safety risk to the public.

“The DVSA has removed this tester from the MOT services for the maximum five years. He will need to reapply if he wants to restart as an MOT tester in the future.

“It really isn’t worth it to issue fake MOTs. You could lose your job if you do. DVSA can and does take this kind of behaviour very seriously and will take action.”

Appearing at Newport Magistrates’ Court, Irfan was given a four-month prison sentence suspended for 12 months, ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work, and handed a fine of £1,154.

Source: South Wales Argus


  1. Should be banned for life

  2. “suspended prison sentence” a real deterrent. His actions have put countless drivers at risk and he does not get time inside. DVSA needs to get on Facebook market place on Saturdays and Sundays when these rogues are selling them, would be super easy to put these guys in court, check which tester logged it and go arrest them on the Monday.


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