UK car dealers support proposals to outlaw ‘mileage correction’ firms

71 per cent of UK car dealers back EU decision

UK car dealers support proposals to outlaw ‘mileage correction’ firms
The risks to traders and consumers alike are significant, says HPI managing Director, Neil Hodson.

The support by used car traders to address the issue of clocking follows industry calls to the Government to regulate the registering of mileage adjustments, as well as introducing more mandated occurrences of when mileage information should be collected and recorded.

Neil Hodson, managing director for HPI, said: “It’s clear from our survey, that most dealers are eager to see stricter measures be put in place to tackle clocking, beyond outlawing mileage correction firms.

“Interestingly, 93 per cent of dealers we surveyed said they have never had cause to adjust or correct a car’s mileage, confirming that fraud is driving this activity.

“A dealer who unwittingly buys and sells a clocked car could face hefty fines and prosecution, not to mention damaging their reputation.”

Sue Robinson from the RMI (Retail Motor Industry Federation) said, “We completely agree that there is a need for legislation to tackle the issue of mileage adjustment, better known as ‘clocking’.

“The Government needs to send a clear message that this behaviour is unacceptable and legislation must be changed to prevent clocking.”

Hodson said: “Currently, criminals out to make a fast profit can hide behind the label of legitimacy that mileage correction firms provide.

“Closing these firms down will ultimately reduce the number of clocked vehicles on the UK’s roads, but the changes in law are some way off and more needs to be done now to send a clear message to fraudsters that the net is closing in on them.”

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