New DPF cleaner sells out within 24 hours

Solution is poured into the removed DPF and left overnight to break down and clean residues

New DPF cleaner sells out within 24 hours
Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner breaks down and removes soot, ash and other trapped contamination.

Initial stocks of GSF’s new Vetech Professional DPF Cleaner sold out on the first day, the 70 strong UK branch network reports.

The non-flammable cleaning solution is a unique alternative for garages looking to profitably develop business from the growing demand for diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration work.

The liquid cleaner gently breaks down and removes soot, ash and other trapped contamination, when the DPF is removed and filled with the solution overnight.

GSF Car Parts say it’s a perfect alternative for garages to turn to, where pour-in additives haven’t worked, before resorting to the cost and delay of DPF replacement, or specialist cleaning services.

John Wright, Garage Essentials Manager at GSF Car Parts said: “Vetech Professional DPF Cleaner has had a 100 per cent success rate so far on problem vehicles.

“It’s working on even stubborn DPF blockages, and garages don’t need any specialist workshop capital equipment either.”

GSF say stock shortage was temporary, with more deliveries due to arrive during early August.

The Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner, exclusively available through GSF Car Parts, is still available to order at the launch price of £28.95 + VAT for 5 litres.

Contact your local branch, call 0121 7498801, or click ‘More Details’ below to inquire about the new Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner.

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