Video: benefits of DAB radio is within easy reach for motorists

Around 70 per cent of new UK cars now have DAB fitted as standard

Video: benefits of DAB radio  is within easy reach for motorists
Few drivers realise digital listening choices can be within easy reach for all thanks to DABmotion.

DABmotion has developed the video with a leading London video agency to help motorists better understand the benefits of DAB radio, and the ways to get it installed.

DABmotion’s Tick Mark approved flagship DABmotion ROLA universal DAB conversion kit retails at under £130 inc VAT, and upgrades motorists’ existing car radios to digital by using wireless technology, combined with patented AFC auto-retune capability, to deliver interference-free listening on the move.

Marketing Director Mark Baker, said: “The DABmotion video helps garages convey the benefits of car DAB conversion to their customers quickly and easily.

“It’s a marketing investment we’ve made to help drivers understand how simple it now is to access the wealth of DAB stations they enjoy at home in their cars.”

Celsus can also train and award the installer qualification needed for garages to advertise the Tick Mark as a registered DAB installer.

DABmotion training covers fitting replacement DAB head units, DAB adaptors, antennae and fault-finding, with hints around antenna installation being particularly useful.

Click ‘More Details’ below to find out more about this opportunity or call 01202 664 390.

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