Video: BG Products demonstrates its range of oil pour-in solutions

Seeing is believing when GW visited Herts AutoTek to find out more

Video: BG Products demonstrates its range of oil pour-in solutions
Watch as the Vauxhall Signum 1.9CDTi is treated with BG244, BGEPR and BGDOC.

Any service or product that adds value to a business has to be a good thing.

The trouble is, with so many brands wanting your attention, it’s hard to know which services and which products will truly enhance your business as an independent garage.

However, extensive laboratory and real-world testing provides proof that BG’s range of products andservices do work – and they’re only too happy to demonstrate them in your workshop.

Curious to find out more about BG’s oil pour-in products, Paul Dobbyn, Director of BG Products GB,offered to carry out one such demonstration on my car – A Vauxhall Signum 1.9CDTi, with around 114,000 miles on the clock.

My average MPG was already an impressive 49.9, so I was intrigued to find out what a fuel additive,engine cleaner and engine oil additive would do to my performance and economy.

First up was BG’s diesel fuel system cleaner, BG244.

The solution is poured into the tank and cleans the carbon that gets baked onto the injector pin toolwhich, Paul tells me, can interfere with the spray pattern and combustion.

For the engine, it was BG Engine Performance Restoration (BGEPR).

The car was then taken for a short drive to allow the BGEPR solution to get to work softening,emulsifying and dissolving the clogs of carbon in the oil.
Paul explained that it’s these deposits that can impede normal piston-ring function; thus reducing fuel economy, lowering power output, and increasing harmful exhaust emissions and oil consumption.

After an oil and filter change, the engine was treated to a dose of BGDOC, a special formulation designed to enhance the quality of the oil.

A Vauxhall Astra, 1.6 petrol with 73,000 miles on the clock, was also given the BG treatment withBG44K fuel system cleaner, BGEPR and BGMOA engine oil conditioner.

The results

Diagnostic results on the Signum showed an immediate ten per cent increase in compression across the board.

Mechanical compression tests on the Astra showed even better results.

The treatment boosted compression by 30 per cent, with all cylinders now measuring 100PSI.

Since treatment, I have covered more than 2,000 miles in my Signum, during which my MPG peaked at 55.3 before settling at 52.3.

The biggest difference for me as the driver has to be the sharp, reliable throttle response – it’s once again a pretty quick car!

Had I have been easier on the throttle, the average MPG would have been even better.

This article features BG Products and has been extracted from GW Views, follow the ‘More Details’ link to download the latest copy the magazine now.

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