Video: Servicing electronic brake systems with Apec’s new EPB tool

GWTV finds out why a new service tool attracted crowds at Automechanika

Video: Servicing electronic brake systems with Apec’s new EPB tool
GWTV reveals the correct procedure for servicing electronic brake systems with the new NT415 tool.

An invaluable tool for any workshop, Apec’s electronic park brake service tool includes coverage for 13 VMs and is specifically designed to deactivate and reactivate electronic brake controlled systems.

With many vehicles now equipped with electronic brake systems, Apec’s Graeme Ryder said: “With EPBs, the caliper has an electric motor to operate it and you need a special piece of diagnostic equipment to wind that motor back and get it into ‘service mode’ so you can change the discs and pads.

“Once you’ve done the job you need to wind the motor back in and also calibrate it.

“If it doesn’t calibrate properly, the vehicle will still think it’s got the old disc and pads installed.”

Visitors to Automechanika Birmingham saw live demonstrations of the tool, which provides easy step-by-step instructions for the technicians.

Adrian Kitchen, marketing manager, Apec Braking: “The UK market is enjoying considerable success at the moment and as an exhibitor, we have many new products or services that we feel, will be very attractive to visitors.

“Apec is firmly established as the UK’s leading Braking specialist and Automechanika Birmingham provides us with a perfect opportunity to showcase these developments.”

For more information about the EPB tool and to visit Apec’s new website, click ‘more details’ below.

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