Viewing window: a candid glimpse into the mind of a vehicle tech

We get to know Tim Ferris, owner of Ferris Garage in Cornwall with a series of questions for Garage Wire Views

Viewing window: a candid glimpse into the mind of a vehicle tech
The Ferris Garage workshop.

The Ferris family has owned the Garage in Feock, Truro since it was built in 1954.

For the last three years, Ferris Garage has been voted as one of the top 50 small garages in the UK by Motor Industry Code of Practice, coming second in the South West region for the last two and the only garage in Cornwall to make the list for all three years.

What was your first job?

“I would have been at a British Leyland garage so I would say it was probably something like a Mini service.”

What’s the most useful garage tool you have used?

“The two-post ramp that lifts all four wheels off the ground has to be one of the most useful pieces of equipment that I’ve ever come across.”

What’s the most useless garage tool you have ever used?

“We’ve had several to be honest!

“Going back a few years, we spent a lot of money on the big old Sun diagnostic machines but they soon turned out to be a bit of a dinosaur.

“We got all of the large diagnostic equipment just as everyone else was moving over to computer systems. It’s still here now, sat gathering dust in the corner.”

What profession would you be in if you wasn’t a vehicle technician?

“A professional dancer. Me and my wife do dance and it just seems like it would be a nice profession to be in.

“Argentina tango or ballroom Latin, something along those lines. Vincent and Flavia would be my idols, what a nice way to make a living.”

What was the most embarrassing moment of your career?

“Probably answering these questions, more specifically my last answer!”

Tim and Tony Clarke in Nairobi on their round the world adventure.

Tim and Tony Clarke in Nairobi on their round the world adventure.

What is the highlight of your career so far?

“In 1980, whilst part way through my apprenticeship, I took two Minis around the world to raise funds for Save the Children’s Fund Stop Polio Campaign.

“I use to do a lot of motorsport and I was rallying a Mini Cooper S at the time.

“The local garage where I learnt my trade was asked to prepare these two Minis to go around the world.

“The chap that organised it all asked me if I’d like to come along to keep the cars going.

“And so I was off, away for 13 months, crossing the Sahara Desert, the Amazon Jungle, South America and overland back from India.

“We covered over 60,000 miles in those Minis. Yes, that’s definitely the highlight of my career…”

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