Warning light circuit board bridging hides dangerous defects

Discovery finds numerous 'hidden' ABS faults after someone deliberately cut ABS warning lamp circuit

Warning light circuit board bridging hides dangerous defects
Bridging the problem: someone had previously cut the ABS warning lamp circuit and bridged it to the check engine warning light.

Graham Goode Motors Ltd in Leicester recently had a Daewoo Matiz in the workshop with ‘check engine’ and ABS warning lamps illuminated on the dashboard.

Workshop manager, Alastair Mayne told GW that he was ‘mystified’ to find that the ABS warning light went out when he deleted the check engine code for a faulty lambda sensor, despite there being a number of undeleted faults stored in the system.

He said: “When we investigated further we found that the electrical circuit on the back of the instrument panel had been ‘modified’.

“The circuit to the ABS warning lamp had been cut, and a bridging wire added from the check engine warning lamp circuit, meaning that as long as there were no engine problems, the ABS warning lamp would extinguish even though there were serious problems within this system!”

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