MOT security cards to be phased out

DVSA app to be introduced from early 2021 will generate login code for MOT testing service authentication

MOT security cards to be phased out
The DVSA answers your MOT questions in the latest issue of GW Views.

The DVSA is to phase out its MOT security cards in favour of an app from early next year, it has announced.

The new app will generate a six-digit code which will allows access to the MOT testing service with a single authentication a day.

A DVSA spokesperson said: “We’re making these changes to improve MTS security and your experience of using the system.

“We’ve also looked at how many cards are being lost or damaged each month and the impact on garages when you have to wait for replacements to arrive.

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“Existing users will still be able to sign in via email or by using a security card, if the card is still working.

“But we will start to phase out new and replacement cards when the app comes in.”

Automotive consultancy, Fourmative has welcomed the “long-anticipated update”.

A Fourmative spokesperson said: “Fourmative receive calls every week about lost or damaged security cards.

“This presents significant issue for testers, even with the use of questions to access MOT system, add to this the frustration of entering a new code every time they access the system if it has timed-out.”

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MOT security cards were rolled out in 2016 to replace a PIN system.

Many testers raised early concerns about the cards with predictions of card failure and loss.

At the time, GW reader, Andrew Jones commented: “I can guarantee when these fail, which they will, we will again be left on our own with DVSA staff not even able to answer the phone or respond to any technical questions.”

Further details about the new app are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

For further information about Fourmative, select ‘more details’ below.

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    The DVSA is adding an additional way to authenticate MOT testing service logins from early next year. An official smart phone will generate a six-digi
    [See the full post at: MOT security cards to be phased out]

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    using the app would be good if you can make it only work on the mot station network. stopping many from access the app from a layby and doing illegal mots, or enabling the gps to allow dvsa to pinpoint the location of the device the app is on at time of test.

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    mark mitchell

    vosa is been told this will not work due to the fact a lot of employers ban phones in the work place so it will have too be on the mot station network and not mobile phone app

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    If mobile phone app no thanks, other apps are sometimes are naughty looking at phone numbers texts etc. Probably only work on newest iShit anyway

    Don’t people have 10 finger prints, face id, ni numbers
    Or even a usb key/dongle!

    Atm most if not all take a photo as your using them do the same

    #205886 Reply

    Using mobile phones in the work place is
    Dangerous, mistakes will be made , we aren’t allowed our phones due to Heath and safety

    #205887 Reply

    My Nokia 6310i doesn’t do ‘aps’ so what happens now?
    Will I be stopped from testing?

    #206165 Reply
    Scooby doo

    I think it’s a good idea we need to go with the modern day times only thing I suggest is for the app to work you have to be on the internet of the site so will only work on the sites I p address this would tighten up on security issues then you have to be at the correct station to test

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