Rise of connected cars makes access to tech data “more important than ever”, IGA warns

Independent Garage Association calls for fair competition to be maintained ahead of Block Exemption expiry in 2023

Rise of connected cars makes access to tech data “more important than ever”, IGA warns
Connected cars are increasingly becoming the norm on British roads – allowing drivers to access maps, travel information and new digital radio services from the driving seat.

More than 70 per cent of new vehicles registered in the UK last year had connectivity featured, according to statistics published in Catapult’s Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles report

With the ending of Block Exemption due to end in 2023, the Independent Garage Association (IGA) has warned that vehicle manufacturers could restrict access to vehicle data for the independent garage sector, limiting consumer choice for their service and repairs.

Frank Harvey, head of member services at the IGA said: “The growth of in-vehicle data in connected cars means that access to technical information remains crucial to the independent sector.

“We acknowledge that the connected car is a part of modern motoring, but consumers must be free to choose where their vehicles are maintained.

“To ensure fair competition between franchised and independent garages, protocols must be put in place to allow fair and open access to the data generated.

“It is therefore vital that vehicle connectivity data is not monopolised by vehicle manufacturers, restricting the consumer choice.”

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