Tenneco will show global solutions at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Clean air and ride performance systems to reduce emissions, improve fuel efficiency and vehicle performance at 2015 show

Tenneco will show global solutions at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Tenneco will showcase its innovative Clean Air and Ride Performance solutions designed to meet global automakers’ demand for products that reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show from September 17 – 27.

“Tenneco’s solutions meet requirements for lightweight, fuel-efficient technologies that also enhance the customer driving experience,” said Timothy Jackson, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Tenneco. “We’re pleased to introduce some important clean air and ride performance innovations at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show that meet current and future legislative requirements and are ready for production anywhere in the world. ”

Clean Air Technologies

Tenneco’s custom-engineered mixing components ensure consistent performance of liquid urea selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment in diesel engine exhaust systems. The company will debut its latest family of mixing solutions designed to support SCR-coated diesel particulate filter (SDPF) applications.

Tenneco has used its expertise in diesel particulate filter technology with the development of its gasoline particulate filters (GPF), designed for gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines to reduce particulate emissions in compliance with the Euro 6c emissions regulation. GPFs use the same type of wall-flow substrates as diesel particulate filters and can be included in the exhaust system.

Tenneco’s latest generation of electronic backpressure variable control valves are designed to support low pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for diesel engines and acoustic tuning for gasoline engines, providing precise and dynamic flap control to generate the optimal pressure conditions.

Ride Performance Solutions

Tenneco will showcase its Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio at the Motor Show. The Monroe® Intelligent Suspension portfolio of technologies includes adaptive suspension solutions.

The company will also highlight two Monroe® Intelligent Suspension technologies that are launching in series production:

CVSA2 is Tenneco’s newest generation of continuously variable semi-active suspension damping technology for premium luxury cars and sports cars. It offers significant improvements in ride performance from single valve technology, as each damper features two independent electro-hydraulic valves for both the rebound and compression motions.

Dual Mode is an adaptive suspension solution for small and medium vehicle segments, offering drivers a choice of two suspension modes, a feature previously only available to the large and luxury vehicle segments. The system features four electronically controlled dampers, which the driver can switch between damping for improved comfort, or firmer damping for a sportier ride directly from the dashboard.

Elastomer Technologies

Tenneco’s Clevite® Elastomer Group provides custom vibration control design, engineering and manufacturing solutions for OEMs by tuning vehicle characteristics in tandem with system requirements, enabling greater vehicle performance.

Damper top mounts feature both an elastomer element to allow damper articulation/isolation and a structural element, which provides attachment to the vehicle body. Tenneco offers both integration of economical aluminum die castings and steel stamped designs to offer OEMs maximum flexibility.

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