Driver gets parking ticket after suffering heart attack at the wheel

A motorist was forced to abandon his car when he began to have a heart attack

Driver gets parking ticket after suffering heart attack at the wheel
Mr Sands has suffered four previous heart attacks and said no-one can drive with chest pains.

David Sands, 64, who suffers from angina left his Rover 75 on double yellow lines but later discovered a £35 parking ticket when he returned to the car after treatment.

David was told the fine still stands and had been increased to £70 for late payment, despite a letter from his GP explaining the situation.

He said: “No-one, but no-one, could drive with chest pains, irrespective of what the council may think. Life is more important.

“I stopped my car and removed myself to a place of safety and used my medication as directed.

“I think it’s a disgrace.

“What the council is doing is actively encouraging people to drive when clearly they should not be driving.

“What if I’d carried on and hit a mother or a child?”

A council spokesman said: “Motorists who receive penalty charge notices have a right to appeal if they feel they should not have been fined.

“If they are unsuccessful with their appeal to the council, they can then pursue a further independent appeal.”

Birmingham City Council later over-turned the fine on appeal.

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