WhoCanFixMyCar case study number four: Leelac Saab Specialists

The latest in a series of garages reporting on the success of WhoCanFixMyCar membership

WhoCanFixMyCar case study number four: Leelac Saab Specialists
The iconic Saab 900 turbo is just one of the cars LeeLac specialises in.

The most recent success story in the series of WhoCanFixMyCar case studies – which include Ross MotorsM8 Gear House and Surrey Car Maintenance – has been a member of WhoCanFixMyCar since March 2015.

Leelac Saab Specialists in Stevenage, Hampshire has completed 41 jobs directly from the website or repeat business, with an average repair bill of £250.

For that, the garage has paid around £300 commission.

WhoCanFixMyCar users are travelling as far as 60 miles to visit Leelac, with most of the customers won since joining the website earlier this year travelling from London, including Greenwich, Peckham and Rotherhide.

Owner, Dawid Ledzewicz said: “I’ve had WhoCanFixMyCar.com jobs from as far afield as Corby and Dartford.”

While there are garages who’ve won more work via WhoCanFixMyCar.com, what’s clear is that true specialists can still use the site to significantly build their reputation and customer base.

Using his expertise to his advantage, most of the issues Dawid resolves, which can include common diesel engine faults, electrical issues and diagnostic challenges on discontinued cars, may be beyond the knowledge of a customer’s local garage.

When he calls customers, as all member garages can do once quoted, his wealth of experience shines through, allowing him to close the business.

For £79.99 a year, members are sent local job alerts by email and text.

They can quote for the work online or by phone, and pay a small commission of around £10 when the car comes in – any upsell, or repeat business, is theirs to keep.

To find out more about WhoCanFixMyCar and to become a member, click the ‘More Details’ link below.

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