Multi-media TRW campaign highlights the meaning of original

'OE' is a distorted, generic and overused acronym, says TRW Automotive Aftermarket

Multi-media TRW campaign highlights the meaning of original
TRW’s technical author, Guido Orth-Gauch.

A unique multi-media campaign is set to remind the market that TRW Automotive Aftermarket is the one ‘True Original’.

Ben Smart, marketing services manager, global Parts & Service, said: “This campaign strikes new life into the term ‘Original’ by refocusing on its true meaning.

“By stating that TRW is the ‘True Original’, we mean the total package; the way we act, everything we say and do as well as the passion and commitment we inject into product development.”

Featuring TRW employees, each product group will be featured over time in the pan-European campaign, with phase one focusing on TRW’s safety critical, innovative brake pad offer.

As the face of the brake pad promotion, TRW’s technical author Guido Orth-Gauch who also plays in a jazz band, correlates the love and continuous improvement of his music with the passion TRW extends to ever improving customer communication.

TRW’s marketing material explores the many innovative ways in which it has changed the face of braking.

For example, TRW Cotec, a silicate brake pad coating which increases stopping power after a pad change and DTEC, its brake pad offering 100 percent performance but 45 percent less dust.

Find out more about TRW by following the ‘More Details’ link below.

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