2015 in pictures: a year that will go down in history

GW looks back on 2015 as a year that will undoubtedly go down in the motor industry history books

2015 in pictures: a year that will go down in history
Garages were left in the dark earlier this year as the DVSA switched to the new MOT system.

Who could have ever of guessed that Volkswagen, one previously one of the most respected vehicle manufacturers in the world would have ever of found itself embroiled so deep in scandal that the VM’s very survival was brought into question.

It’s one of the biggest news stories of 2015 and the repercussions will continue to unfold well into 2016.

The emissions rigging scandal has left consumers weary of VMs, trust that has since been further damaged after Vauxhall attempted to put the Zafira fire blame on non-OE parts and poor repairs.

Sticking with large corporations, Halfords Autocentre was fined £47,000 following undercover sting earlier this year and Kwik Fit ‘apologised unreservedly’ after a BBC programme revealed a tyre inflation deception.

Along with the VW scandal, 2015 could also go down as the ‘year of the dashcam‘.

Just this month, a landmark case has seen the UK’s first driver jailed over dashcam footage.

The sharp rise in dashcam sales has raised a number of privacy and security questions for independent garages, questions which are yet to be properly answered.

However, without such footage we would have never of known who Ronnie Pickering was, would we?

Eyebrows were raised after DEFRA announced that f-gas servicing without recovery no longer requires certification.

Perhaps the biggest story for independent garages has to be the launch of the new MOT system, which sparked outrage in what the DVSA described as ‘teething problems’.

2015 in pictures

It’s proved to be a busy year for the aftermarket, packed with rapid change, shock and surprise – stick with us here on GW and we’ll keep you up to date with all that 2016 has to offer.

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